…..It all began in a time, space and ghetto far….far away. The concept of KULTJAH and the Legend of the Sunpalm was born from the raw energy and creative survival skills refined by a small group of artistic individuals. A Hip-Hop renaissance was taking place, and the same street culture that made Gucci, Louis Vuitton, POLO, Versace, Levi’s, Nike, Hilfiger and a host of foreign and domestic brands millions of dollars, as well as “Hood” household names, was turning it’s focus & funds inward….creating a whole new genre of fashion. Regardless of what the average…conservative/tea bag(gin)… um…party member….or cultural “scientist” may think, Hip-Hop, Urban, Rap, Street, Ghetto…(yeah Ghetto!…stay tuned for “Stay out of the Ghetto” post) Culture is the most relevant, powerful Culture to emerge from the human psyche in centuries. We can debate for days, but the Music, Language, Art, Style and “Ways” of Hip-Hop have become more than just a global phenomenon, but a force that emanates from skid row to wall street…from the slave quarters to the white house…and beyond…

Out of this new era of Hip-Hop energy came the lifestyle (brand) KULTJAH. The late eighty’s / early ninety’s was a creative incubator for street entrepreneurs… legal..not so legal … commercial …underground etc…whatever it took to express yourself and perhaps get paid…in full. Naturally, as “street” artists’, we found ourselves expressing our talents all over the Tri-State area… walls, trains, planes, automobiles and anything that stood still long enough to get bombed… so when we started tagging t-shirts, jean jackets, hats and various garments as a means to make ends and friends…twas like the stars aligned….and KULTJAH – “Hand Crafted Rugged Dezigns” started to take shape.
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