…So a new year is upon us…what better time to start a new blog than the present. For the readers of our previous blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed that our blogs (though well intended) were few and far between. However, with  the versatility of our new blog host (WordPress) and a whole lotta 2012 enthusiasm…I’m feelin like this will be a good bloggin’ year!

As I’ve written, and feel the need to emphasize…although KULTJAH DEZIGNS is a “clothing” label, this blog serves as a window into the concepts, philosophies and opinions that drive the Brand. We write what and how we think, feel and see the world around us. Our inspirations, analogies, expressions n such…evolved from the lifestyle reflected in our products. Points may be subtracted for grammar, but multiplied for substance!… 🙂

…and with that….on with the blog…let’s have a POWERFUL YEAR!

JAHMANE-                                                                                                                                        Co-Founder – KULTJAH DEZIGNS.

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