….In my never ending quest to inject (my) Art into the hearts and minds of “Common Folk” (Elitist Art is a Lie, and the Old Masters are Dead!!)….I’m constantly thinking of ways to diversify my work, as well as price ranges of work I produce. Lets face it…”Ain’t nothin’ new under the Sun”…and the days of being some super deeeeep, Master Painter…Artist dude (in my personal opinion) is WACK!…I’d much rather mastermind the next Mickey (Mouse) than Mona Lisa.

Just think of the millions, or perhaps billions of lives Mickey has brought the joy of laughter and wonder…..while Mona sits there with that smirk on her face waiting for some Art Historian to trick you into thinking she’s the most beautifulest girl in the world…wit no eyebrows. Not to mention the marketing powerhouse Mickey and his Clan have built (shout out to Pluto and Daffy)…though I’m sure you may find Mona’s grill on a mug in the gift shop at the MET…or on some ultra-cool refrigerator magnets…but c’mon…Mickey made the Magic Kingdom…lunch boxes, countless toys, books, the Disney Channel, Mouscateers and the list goes on……and on..

What I’m saying (to my fellow Artists) is TIMES dun changed…and if your ultimate goal is to sit on the throne of galvanized greats, then you will always be a slave to the “Masters” and the pollitricks of the ART world…..besides, why would you wait for fame in death, when you can have (Artistic) freedom in life? ART is for people, whoever and as many as you can reach…by whatever means…the concept of selling out is only a cop-out for those who ain’t sellin’ anyway….(*remember…never sell your soul though!)…If Target calls..I’ll answer….tell Ronald (McDonald) to holla at me….Walmart want what???…..take it to the streets…get your work together, travel, do shows in other zones…states…countries…from my own personal experience….the return is much greater than the effort….just be sure to focus on the infinite possibilities of the stars, and not the white gloved mouse hand pointing at them…..

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1 Response to HAVE ART…WILL TRAVEL! (reprise)

  1. Interesting perspective. I find that so many artist are sitting on their pretentious pedestals looking down on the pedestrians. You’re asserting that reaching the “pedestrians” is exactly what you’re seeking to do in order to make maximum impact. Smart.

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